Transfusion reactions are adverse events associated with the transfusion of blood components or products. They range in severity from minor to life-threatening and can occur during or after a transfusion. PBCO has developed several forms for documenting transfusion reactions and provided resources to aid in recognizing, responding to and investigating transfusion reactions.

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Transfusion Reaction Forms 

Transfusion Reaction Report Form


Outpatient Transfusion Reaction Form

Transfusion Reaction Resources

Transfusion Reaction: Quick Reference Guide

Revised 2022
IVIg Reaction Classification and Management Table - adapted from Appendix C from the TM MPM Section 11  2022
Tips for PHYSICIANS when reviewing and concluding Transfusion Reactions 2022
PHAC TTISS User’s Manual V3.0 2007

Job Aid: Transfusion Reaction Reporting to External Agencies


Cross-Health Authority Transfusion Reaction Recommendation

(Under BC Recomendations sub-section)




Other useful tools for investigating Transfusion Reactions:


The TM Medical Policy Manual Section 11.0 contains recommendations for all pathologists involved in the investigation of a transfusion reaction.