Need to report a Transfusion Reaction?

Quick Reference Guide

A guide for clinical staff to manage early patient care once a transfusion reaction is identified.  Provides information to clinical staff for what signs/symptoms/conditions require:

• an immediate call to the TMS/Lab
• samples and product to be sent to the TMS/Lab

IVIG Transfusion Reaction Chart

Transfusion Reaction Report Form


Outpatient Transfusion Reaction Form

Job Aid: Transfusion Reaction Reporting to External Agencies

 Contact PBCO if you have questions

or need to fax /courier information 



Other useful tools for investigating Transfusion Reactions:


The TM Medical Policy Manual Section 11.0 contains recommendations for all pathologists involved in the investigation of a transfusion reaction.


This process describes current provincial best practices for the laboratory investigation of transfusion reactions.
The training and competence documents reflect the current provincial Transfusion Reaction Investigation Process.  Case studies are also available.