Subcutaneous immune globulin (SCIg) is a blood product alternative to IVIg, offering patients (and caregivers) who have received appropriate training an at home infusion option.

SCIg home infusion programs are managed and maintained by individual Health Authorities. The templates below are resources Health Authorities may wish to customize for their own programs or clinics. These documents are currently undergoing a review process and will be updated/modified in the near future.



SCIG Resource Kit

SCIG Resource Kit Cover Sheet

Under Review 

Provincial Guidelines for SCIG Home Infusion Programs

Jan 2023
 Training Materials  

Teaching Plan

 Jan 2023

Patient Post-Training Quiz


Patient Skills Assessment


Patient Evaluation of Training


Pre-Training Letter to GP

Under Review 

Post-Training Letter to GP

 Under Review
Patient Handouts

Patient Brochure

 Under Review

Patient Handbook


Quick Reference Guide: How to draw SCIG into a syringe

Under Review 

Infusion Log

Form and Letter Templates

Patient Referral Form

Under Review 

Patient Consent and Participation Agreement 


Patient Intake Form 


SCIG Patient Enrolment Form - Gamunex 


SCIG Patient Enrolment Form - Hizentra


SCIG Product Order / Pick-up Form - Gamunex 


SCIG Product Order / Pick-up Form - Hizentra


Travel Letter - Gamunex


Travel Letter - Hizentra