May 13, 2019 Update: The working group recommendations regarding the Cuvitru brand shortage are available here.

Subcutaneous immune globulin (SCIG) is a blood product licensed in Canada for the treatment of patients with primary immunodeficiency disease. Unlike IVIG, which is infused in a hospital, SCIG can be infused at home by a patient who has been trained.

This section provides templates for health authorities to develop and customize their own SCIG program. 


 Document Date: Dec 2011

SCIG Resource Kit

(for downloading and customization where appropriate) 

 SCIG Resource Kit Cover Sheet


 Provincial Guidelines for SCIG Home Infusion Programs

 Training Materials  

Teaching Plan


Patient Post-Training Quiz


Patient Skills Assessment


Patient Evaluation of Training


Pre-Training Letter to GP


Post-Training Letter to GP

Patient Handouts

Patient Brochure


Patient Handbook


Quick Reference Guide: How to draw SCIG into a syringe


Infusion Log

Form and Letter Templates

Patient Referral Form


Patient Consent and Participation Agreement 


Patient Intake Form 


SCIG Patient Enrolment Form - Vivaglobin 


SCIG Patient Enrolment Form - Gamunex 


SCIG Patient Enrolment Form - Hizentra


SCIG Product Order / Pick-up Form - Vivaglobin 


SCIG Product Order / Pick-up Form - Gamunex 


SCIG Product Order / Pick-up Form - Hizentra


Travel Letter - Vivaglobin


Travel Letter - Gamunex


Travel Letter - Hizentra 


TMS IVIG Request Process