The following poster presentations were presented by the PBCO:

2019 Quality Form

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Primary Immunodeficiency Disease

2018 ISBT BC Primary Immune Deficiency Working Group - Promoting Appropriate and Evidence-based Use of Immune Globulin
2017 Quality Forum Developing a New Data Portal
2017 CSTM Development of a Provincial Adverse Reaction Reporting Tool
Developing a New Transfusion Medicine Data Portal
2016 CSTM A Stimulation Approach to Platelets Contingency Planning and Inventory Management
Real Time Inventory Reporting to Support BC Blood Contingency Preparedness
Development of the Clinical Transfusion Resource Manual (CTRM) - 2015 Online Version 
Development and Management of Hereditary Angioedema Recommendations
2016 Quality Forum Transfusion Medicine Cross Health Authority Error Reporting Using BC PSLS
2015 NHLC iCHIP: Using Technology to Improve the Experience of Patient Self-Reporting
2015 IHI Monitoring Transfusion Reaction Activity Through Surveillance
2015 CSTM A Provincial Approach to Compliance: Health Canada Blood Regulations and British Columbia's Transfusion Medicine Services
2015 AABB Mandatory Transfusion Reaction Reporting in British Columbia: A Seven Year Review
Reducing Transfusion in Cardiac Surgery using Red Blood Cell Utilization as a Quality Indicator
2015 Quality Forum iCHIP Patient Home Module: Improving the Patient Reporting Experience through Innovative Technology
Safe Transfusion Nursing Project: Connecting to Improve Quality Patient Care
British Columbia's Technical Resource Group for Transfusion Medicine - A Provincial Quality Collaboration
2014 CSTM The Development of Clinical and Technical Neonatal Transfusion Recommendations
Inherited Coagulopathy and Hemoglobinopathy Information Portal (iCHIP): Improving Clinical Outcomes for Patients with Blood Disorders and Optimizing Factor Product Utilization
BC Intravenous Immune Globulin Neuromuscular Neurology Program
Improving Access To Transfusion Medicine Resources Through a User Friendly Website
2013 CSTM BC Intravenous Immune Globulin Neuromuscular Neurology Program
Transfusion Bits & Bytes
Transfusion Education for BC Pathologists