2020 Education Day

October 1, 2020

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Presentations - Slides and Speaker Biographies

Crystal Brunk, R.N. (PHC)

Sandy Quan, MLT (PHC)

Dr. Karen Dallas, Clinical (PHC) 

 New Initiatives at CBS & The Future of Transfusion Medicine

Dr. Dana Devine (CBS) 

 BC’s Transfusion Medicine Response to Covid-19

Dr. Robert Guo (VCH)

Dr. Eric McGinnis (VCH) 

 Vanessa’s Law

Dr. Matthew Yan (CBS) 
Antibody Investigation with 3 Perspectives:  
1. Back to Typing School – A Primer on Resolving Blood Grouping Anomalies Heba Abukhadra (CBS)
2. Bone Marrow Transplant Patients Develop New Phenotype Janice Infanti (VCH)
3. Postnatal Investigation for Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn Kelsey Wagner (C&W)



2019 Education Day

October 3, 2019

2019 Ed Day logo


Dr. Andrew Shih, VCH

Dr. Mark Scott, Canadian Blood Services

Dr. Karen Dallas, PHC

Crystal Brunk, PHC

Dr. Tanya Petraszko, CBS

Transfusion Medicine Case Study

Heba Abukhadra, CBS

“No Way! A Bom-Baby?” Case Study

Rebecca Randall, FH


Kyle O’Scienny, FH

20 Years of the CTR

Christina Lim, PBCO

Maintaining Red Cells at the Helijet Hanger for Critical Incidences

Kristin Rosinski, VCH


2018 Education Day

October 25, 2018

 Sidney 2018 logo


Darin Abbey, CICSL, Victoria

Sharon Sutherland, Island Health

Dr. Gwen Clarke, Canadian Blood Services

Dr. Mark Bigham, Canadian Blood Services

Amy Romanas, HEMBC
PIDD App & Toolkit Dr. Karen Dallas, PHC
Iron: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly Dr. Mark Scott, Canadian Blood Services
Case Studies Lhevinne Ciurcovich, Canadian Blood Services
Weak D Reporting & Testing Pam Danesin, PBCO




2017 Education Session

September 28, 2017

2017 ed day logo


Daryl Gouthro (St Paul's Hospital)

Chris Biantoro (BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)

Dr. Mark Scott (Canadian Blood Services)

Dr. Tanya Petraszko (Canadian Blood Services)

Dr. Bob Coupland (BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office

Dr. Bob Coupland (BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)

Dr. Gwen Clarke (Canadian Blood Services)

Lhevinne Ciurcovich (Canadian Blood Services)

Darlene Mueller (Fraser Health) 



2016 Education Session

September 29, 2016

2016 EducationDay logo


Dr. Mark Scott

(Canadian Blood Services)

Tina Jacobucci (Providence Health Care) and

Irene Pickell (BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)

Diana Kobes and Kelly Bizovie

(Fraser Health)

Janet Unrau

(Canadian Blood Services)

Shelley Feenstra

(Vancouver Coastal Health) and

Darlene Mueller

(Fraser Health)

Dr. Jacqueline Trudeau

(Canadian Blood Services)

Lhevinne Ciurcovich

(Canadian Blood Services)

Susanna Darnel and Jenn Danielson

(BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)


2015 Education Session

September 24, 2015

2015 Education Day logo


Chris Biantoro

(Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)

Katie Gabanowicz

(Kelowna General Hospital)

Paul Derksen

(Canadian Blood Services) 

Pam Danesin

(Vancouver General Hospital)

Colin Semple

(Diagnostic Accreditation Program)

Lhevinne Ciurcovich

(Canadian Blood Services)

Dr. Tanya Petraszko

(Canadian Blood Services)



2014 Education Session

October 2, 2015


Dr Jason Acker

(Canadian Blood Services)

Dr Peter Schubert

(Canadian Blood Services)

Dr Kristine Chapman

(Vancouver Coastal Health) 

Dr Jason Acker

(Canadian Blood Services)

Ruby Syropiatko

(Provincial Blood Coordinating Office);

Erica Crilly

(Children’s & Women’s Hospital)

Gail Macdonald, Brenda Lloyd, Shelley Feenstra

(Vancouver Coastal Health)

Susanna Darnel

(Provincial Blood Coordinating Office)