Recommendations have been developed through the consensus of the Transfusion Medicine Advisory Group (TMAG), which consists of transfusion medicine physicians, technologists and nurses from hospitals across BC. The BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office, Technical Resource Group and Nursing Resource Group have provided invaluable support for these initiatives. Recognizing the evolution of formalized processes for the development of "guidelines," the latter term was replaced by the term "recommendations" in 2014. Historical document titles are unchanged.

 BC Recommendations
IVIG Utilization Management Program Recommendations July 2019
TMAG Recommendations for O Neg Use in Emergency Transfusions Aug 2018
Jan 2016 
  • Jun 2014
BC Recommendations for Notification of Recipients of a Blood Component Recall Jun 2012
Guidelines for SCIG Home Infusion Programs Sep 2009
Guidelines for Albumin Use for Adults in BC Oct 2007

Note: this section is under review to align with the most recent NAC Recommendations endorsed by TMAG

Apr 2007
Guidelines for Implementation of Informed Consent for Blood and Blood Products Apr 1999
 TM Medical Policy Manual - Recommendations
Mar 2015
Jun 2015 
Jun 2015 

Feb 2019