Utilization data from the Central Transfusion Registry shows that IG use in BC has been increasing at approximately 10% per year.

Immunology comprises the largest speciality and accounts for 45% of Provincial IG use. The condition Primary Immunodeficiency or Primary Immune Deficiency Disease (PIDD) accounts for approximately 60% of IG used for immunology patients and the growth of utilization year over year has been significant. Highlights of our analysis demonstrate increasing annual dosage, prescriber variation and a steady increase in new and chronic patients, particularly in the sixth and seventh decade of life.

In 2016 the PIDD Working Group was formed in order to help establish a provincial framework for IG use in PIDD. The Working Group representatives include: Dr. Doug Morrison (co-chair), Dr. Karen Dallas (co-chair), Dr. Bob Schellenberg, Dr. Donald Stark, Dr. Hein Reeves, Dr. Peter Lee, Dr. Kingsley Lee , Dr. Seung Kim, and Dr. Kyla Hildebrand.

The Working Group participated in the development of the Diagnostic and Treatment Algorithms as well as the PIDD Toolkit App.

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