Factor products are expensive blood products with a shelf-life of two to three years. In order to minimize product expiry and waste of unused hospital stock, the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) coordinates a provincial Factor Redistribution Program. The safety and quality of redistributed factor products are ensured by the adherence of participating hospitals to the procedures described in the Factor Redistribution Program Manual.

 Document Date: July 2020

Factor Redistribution Manual

1. About the Factor Product Redistribution Program 
Table of Contents  
2. BC Factor Product Redistribution Program Tools 
SPH Fax Cover Sheet Template  
Factor Product_Packing Configuration 4C  
Factor Product_Packing Configuration RT  
3. Factor Redistribution Process – Overview Flow Chart 


4. Factor Redistribution Procedures – Issuing Site
5. Factor Redistribution Procedures – Issuing Process Training and Competency


 6. Factor Redistribution Procedures – Receiving Site
 7. Factor Redistribution Procedures – Receiving Process Training and Competency