To help minimize Red Blood Cell (RBC) waste, the BC Provincial Blood Coordinating Office (PBCO) coordinates a provincial RBC Redistribution Program. Participating small and medium-sized hospitals send blood that is nearing its expiry date (7-10 days before expiry) to a designated large hospital where blood is more likely to be used.

 Document Date: 2010

RBC Redistribution Manual

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1. About the RBC Redistribution Program  
Revised Jul 2015 
Revised Nov 2016 
2. RBC Redistribution Program Tools 
 Revised Dec 2016
3. RBC Redistribution Process – Overview Flow Chart 
Revised Oct 2014 


 4. RBC Redistribution Procedures – Issuing Site 
 5. RBC Redistribution Procedures – Issuing Process Training and Competency 


 6. RBC Redistribution Procedures – Receiving Site
 7. RBC Redistribution Procedures – Receiving Process Training and Competency